Adopt a Kiwikiu Program

Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project is focused on recovering native forest birds through research, management, and restoration. The goal is to create more habitat for the critically endangered Kiwikiu, a rare honeycreeper endemic to Maui. Without intervention and management, this species could disappear within your lifetime.

Please consider becoming more involved with Kiwikiu conservation and habitat restoration by participating in our Adopt a Kiwikiu Program. By adopting a Kiwikiu, you'll be helping us to protect this endangered species and its important habitats.

Kiwikiu Adoptions

When you ADOPT-A-KIWIKIU, you will receive special gifts and information about your bird.

Young Kiwikiu bird

Regular Level ($25 donation): Adoption certificate.

Individual Level ($50 donation): Sponsors 1 Kiwikiu. You’ll get 1 plush Kiwikiu and an adoption certificate with information about your bird.

Breeding Pair Level ($100 donation): Sponsor 2 Kiwikius. You’ll get 2 plush Kiwikius and an adoption certificate with information about your birds.

Family Group Level ($250 donation): Sponsors 10 native trees and 2 Kiwikius. You’ll get 2 plush Kiwikiu, Kiwikiu and tree sticker, adoption certificate with information about your birds, and a tree sponsorship certificate with information about your trees. 

To adopt, please fill out the form below and we will respond to you shortly.


This male Kiwikiu can be found in The Nature Conservancy's Waikamoi Preserve. We've been following his activities since 2011. Typically, Kiwikiu mate for life but he's had a few different mates. He has also successfully had at least 3 juveniles. He sings often and can usually be seen foraging in a deep ravine. ALYE/,RD/RD male Kiwikiu
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