Past and Present Field Teams

Here are some photos of the field crews from over the years. Thank you to all who have helped Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project.


Bob, Heather, and Aarin in Waikamoi

2015 Fall Restoration Assistants (from left to right): Aarin Sengsirirak, Heather Mackey, and Bob Taylor. Not pictured: Ariana Loehr, AmeriCorps intern.

Banding Assistants, Chalese Carlson and Heidi VanVlietTeia Schweizer

2015 Spring Banding Assistants (from left to right), Chalese Carlson, Heidi VanVliet, and Teia Schweizer (AmeriCorps intern).

Restoration and Banding Assistants, Bob Taylor and Heather MackeyTeia Schweizer

2015 Spring Restoration/Banding Interns, Bob Taylor and Heather Mackey, seed collecting in Kula Forest Reserve. Teia Schweizer (on the right) planting, our AmeriCorps intern during this time

Restoration technicians of fall 2014 in Nakula NAR.

2014 Restoration Interns ready to fly out of Nakula Natural Area Reserve. From left to right: Kyle Alreck, Colin Sayre, and Janel Hull.

Graduate students, Alex and Peter

2013-2014 Graduate Students (from left to right): Alex Wang and Peter Motyka.

2014 Breeding Season Crew

2014 Kiwikiu breeding season crew at The Nature Conservancy's Waikamoi Preserve sign. From left to right: Liza Olson, Chris Warren, Christa Seidl, Laura Berthold, Emily Cook, and Wes Homoya.

Restoration Interns 2013

2013 Restoration Interns in the Nakula Natural Area Reserve. On the left, Preston Sheaks and on the right, Sam Jordan.

2013 Crew

2013 crew at the summit of Haleakala (photo on the left, names from left to right): Lexi Journey, Teia Schweizer, Keith Burnett, Bob Taylor, Laura Berthold, and Chris Warren. Pictured on the right is Christa Seidl who was also a part of the 2013 team. 

2012 Crew.

2012 crew in Waikamoi (from left to right, top to bottom): Laura Berthold, Peter Motyka, Jon Gunther, Jaan Kolts, Katherine Caldwell, Matt Boone, and Jennifer Milikowsky.

2011 Crew
2011 Field Crew: (left to right) Stephanie Wheeler, Cameron Rutt, Joel Kutylowski, Robby Kohley, Vitek Jirnec, Alex Wang

 2010 Crew
2010 Field Crew: (left to right) Adam Elzinga, Richard Aracil, Charissa Rujanavech, Ehren Banfield, Jenny Hazlehurst, (Not pictured: Devon Anderson)

2009 Crew
2009 Field Crew: (left to right) Marjorie Macintosh, Julie Weber, Wayne Li, Kelly Iknayan, Catlin Wells, Shane DuBay, Laura Berthold, Elliot Schunke

2007 Crew
2007 Field Team

2006 Crew
2006 Field Team: (top row) Mike Cacciapaglia, Tony Chen, Jamie Granger, Phil Taylor, Hanna Mounce, Kirsty Swinnerton, Ashley Hovis; (bottom row) Cato Cook, Morgan Graham, Jackie Gaudioso

2004 crew

2004 Field Team

2003 crew
2003 Field Team
2002 Crew
2002 Field Team
2001 Crew
2001 Field Team
 Past Crew
Past Crew