Laura Berthold

Ornithological Research/Logistics and Outreach Technician

Laura Berthold with an Akohekohe


Laura began working for Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project as an AmeriCorps intern in January 2009. She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois where she was able to plant the seeds of her love for the environment. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a B.A. in environmental studies. After teaching various environmental programs, Laura left her home town for the great states of Utah and Arizona to work for the Bureau of Land Management as a wildlife technician. After working in the canyonlands, she decided to leap into the world of bird ecology and island conservation with Maui Forest Birds.

Currently, Laura works on assisting and leading the MFBRP field team with both avian research and restoration projects. She also works on creating new and interesting ways for the public to learn about Maui's native forest birds. This includes giving presentations, participating in educational outreach at festivals, fundraising, and more.