General Events

Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project participates in various environmental education and outreach events throughout the year as time allows. During these events, we focus on educating people about native forest birds and our research. Please see our Previous Events page for examples of outreach we have done in the past. Events include annual fairs, fundraisers, charity events, and presentations.

This page has our most current events. Please check back for updates. Also check out our Fundraisers page for dates on these events.

If you are interested in inviting Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project to your event for either an outreach table or presentation, please contact 


Maui Mauka Trainings

Maui Mauka Conservation Awareness Trainings: Environmental interpretation plays a significant role in nature-based tourism and is mutually beneficial to tour operators, visitors, conservation groups, and the nature-based tourism economy.  Maui Mauka Conservation Awareness Trainings (MMCAT) for Nature-based Tour Operators is a new program funded by the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority. The program’s goal is to provide conservation professionals with an effective way to communicate information about the species and environments they are working to protect  to the tour operators and guides who work in or near these environments and who educate visitors about East Maui.

The program is a partnership between:

  1. East Maui Watershed Partnership
  2. Maui Invasive Species Committee
  3. Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project

Currently scheduled trainings are: 

  • If you are interested in having a Maui Mauka Conservation Awareness Training for your Maui based tour company please contact Allison at (808)573-6999,

Maui Mauka Conservation Awareness Trainings provide:

  • A new opportunity to learn from conservation professionals about current projects.
  • 15 incredible “WOW!” statements you can share with your guests about the forests of Haleakala, native forest birds, habitat restoration, unique plants, and how Maui is addressing invasive species concerns.
  • Information presented in an entertaining format, customized for tour guides.
  • Field guides and fact sheets for you to take with you and a FREE Maui Mauka t-shirt for attending.

Ambassadors of the Environment Presentations at the Ritz-Carlton

Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment at the Ritz-Carlton Presentations: Learn about the natural history of Maui's native forest birds, the Hawaiian honeycreepers. Enjoy photos, stories, and important information about these birds, their threats, and the work that is being done to help them. Presentation by Laura Berthold of MFBRP. 


June 14th, short presentations between 2 and 4pm


Ambassadors of the Environment Center at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua

One Ritz-Carlton Drive, Kapalua, Maui, HI  96761

Parking encouraged at D.T. Fleming Beach Park

Call 808-665-7294 for more information

Manoa Public Library Presentation on Hawaii's Native Birds

Manoa Public Library presentation on Oahu: During this presentation, MFBRP biologist, Laura Berthold, will talk about Hawaii's native birds, their threats, and what projects are doing to help these unique birds.

Presentation date:

June 25th, 6:30-7:30pm


Manoa Public Library

2716 Woodlawn Dr., Honolulu, HI 96822