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This page is meant to give you further links into the world of Hawaiian birds. It is by no means complete. If you would like to add any resources to this page, please e-mail info AT provides the world's best wildlife films and photographs to profile the world's most endangered species, with the aim of educating, inspiring, and encouraging us all to conserve the planet's biodiversity. Follow the links below to get more information, videos, and photographs of some of Maui's native birds.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Birds of North America

Birding for Beginners

Lifelong Birders: Introducing Your Kids to Bird Watching in Your Backyard

The Audubon Guide to Birding

The Birds of the Hawaiian Islands Checklist by Robert and Peter Pyle. Bishop Museum Hawaii Biological Survey.

Sounds Hawaiian is a website full of recordings of Hawaiian birds and more.

Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk Project has a variety of resources on Hawaiian ecosystems and job/volunteer listings.

US Fish and Wildlife Service Revised Recovery Plan for Hawaiian Forest Birds. See part II, page 2-77 for the Kiwikiu species account. 

State of Hawai'i's Department of Land and Natural Resources Native Forest Birds of Hawai'i.

American Bird Conservancy's Hawai'i Program.

San Diego Zoo Global's Hawai'i Endangerd Bird Conservation Program's Blog.

Hawai'i Audubon Society and Birding in Hawai'i

Guide to Birding on Maui

Video: Hawai'i's Birds by Jim Denny. 

Maui Bird Guide Tour Company

Hawai'i Wildlife Center: rehabilitation center for birds of Hawai'i


Field Guides:

  • Haleakalā and Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park's Hawai'i Forest Birds App (download on your iPhone or Android in PlayStore)