Office Volunteers Currently Needed

We are always in need of volunteers at our office. These jobs are very important to keep our day to day organizational needs running and frees up biologists to work on critical research and recovery plans. You can commit to a couple hours a week or several hours a month. Being an MFBRP volunteer is a rewarding experience and you will get a chance to learn more about the birds and our organization.

Please take our Volunteer Survey and sign up for our email list

Tasks include:

  • Mist net repair
  • Sewing torn gear
  • Scanning 
  • Tree trimming and landscaping services
  • Lawn care
  • Seed collection
  • Outreach

If you have any spare time to volunteer, please email Hanna at mounce@mauiforestbirds.org.

Office volunteers donating 20 hours of their time will receive a free MFBRP t-shirt. Those that donate 100 hours will receive a guided bird hike.


Restoration Volunteers Currently Needed

Last year, volunteers helped us to plant almost 7,000 native seedlings in the Nakula Natural Area Reserve on southeast Maui. This year we are hoping to plant even more.

We are now selecting individuals to go on five upcoming trips. We have 3-4 spots per trip.

These trips are typically five days in length and require a helicopter ride in and out of the reserve. Our site is remote, so we will be camping during this time. 

Please think about your schedule and your physical limitations before signing up for a trip. We work long days (~10 hours), get up early, and have to walk on steep uneven ground. It can be wet, muddy, and cold at our site. Our site is also high in elevation (~5,000 ft).

But this is a rewarding experience! We are planting these native seedlings in order to restore a forest that has been degraded by non-native plants and animals. We will eventually re-introduce native forest birds like the Kiwikiu to this area. Your hard work will bring back the forest and the birds!

The trips will mostly be planting, but we also need to do invasive species management, seed collection, and plant monitoring. These other activities are spaced throughout the four trips.

Use this form to sign up for a trip. This is just for interest only. We will choose volunteers for each trip based on availability and experience. Email info@mauiforestbirds.org for more information or if you have questions.