Teia Schweizer

KUPU AmeriCorps Intern 2015

Teia with plants

Teia began working with MFBRP as a research assistant in 2013.  Now, a year later, she has returned as MFBRP's 2015 KUPU AmeriCorps intern.

In 2011, she received her B.S. in Biology, with a focus on ecology and evolution, from University of California, Irvine. She has participated in various field jobs in California, Panama, and Hawai’i since then.  Although she has always had a desire to understand the natural world--especially from an evolutionary, behavioral, and genetic perspective--it wasn’t until her first job with MFBRP that she realized conservation is where her passion truly lies.
As MFBRP’s AmeriCorps intern, Teia will be helping to restore native forests in the Nakula Natural Area Reserve of East Maui.  It is her hope that her work and the work of her fellow conservationists will preserve and re-establish the beautiful diversity of the native ecosystem. 

Teia AT mauiforestbirds.org